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Kenron Residents Association

Kenron Residents Association (KRA) is a  non-share, not for profit Corporation that owns and operates Kenron Estates.  The KRA is governed by an elected Board of Directors, comprised of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and one or more Members at large.  The Board is scheduled to meet once per month to discuss the many financial affairs that keep Kenron Estates a  beautiful community.

Each home is entitled to one (1) vote within the 450 registered homerowners at Kenron Estates at the Annual General Board Meeting held each fall.  At the Annual General Board Meeting  the proposed annual bugdet for the following year, any amendments to the  Bylaw and Rules and Regulations, and any Board member changes will be voted on.  In addition there is usually a presentation from the KRA Accountant on important financial matters.

2023-2024 Board of Directors

Rick May – Chair

Allen Robinson – Vice Chair

Donna Kenny – Secretary

Diane King – Treasurer

Bob Andrus – Director

Amber Darling – Director

Beverley Maybee – Director

To Contact the Board of Directors please email them at

Park Standards

  1. The maximum number of Exterior Storage Structures on the mobile home site shall not exceed two (2)
  2. Siding on the mobile home and all exterior storage structures must be either vinyl, aluminum or pre-finished steel
  3. Soffits on the mobile home and all exterior storage structures must be either vinyl, aluminum or pre-finished steel. The eavestrough and facia must be kept clean and properly attached to the home.
  4. The roof of the mobile home must be peaked and finished with asphalt shingles or painted steel of a consistent colour and texture. The minimum permitted roof pitch is 2/12 and the maximum is 5/12.  Asphalt shingles will need to be replaced if they are dried, brittle, curling or coming off roof.
  5. Mobile home skirting must be plumb, straight and properly braced and be clad in either vinyl, aluminum or painted steel of a consistent colour and texture.
  6. All trees and shrubs on the mobile home site must be trimmed on a regular basis so as not to interfere with the rights of other residents to their mobile home sites. Any trees or shrubs obstructing street lighting or impairing visibility for vehicles or pedestrians must be removed at the homeowner’s expense. Grass cannot be higher than 6 inches.
  7. All fences or hedges installed by the Tenant on a Mobile Home Site must receive prior written approval of the Owner by Alteration Request and these cannot extend past the front of the mobile home unit in any direction or be higher than six feet. Must be constructed out of pressure treated lumber, stained or painted wood, coated or non-coated chain link, or aluminum or vinyl board, but not page wire.
  8. No driveway installed on a mobile home site shall enter or exit onto Maxfield Boulevard or onto the west side of Eastview Boulevard from Park Lane to Hwy #2, with the exception of 18 Pathway Lane and 26 Eastview Boulevard.
  9. Mobile Home Zoning Regulations. When the minimum front yard set-back of 4.5 meters from the survey bars (Quinte West By-law 18-093) is rendered un-enforceable by grandfathering, the KRA reserves the right to use the closest home to the street to establish a sight line for all alteration approvals within Kenron Estates.
  10. The exterior of the mobile home must be kept clear of moss and mold at all times
  11. All exterior stairs, steps and ramps attached to the mobile home must have proper treads, risers and handrails in compliance with Ontario Building Code regulations.

The K. R. A. Standards Committee reserves the right to inspect properties that are being sold to ensure they met the Park Standards listed above.   New Owners will be given upto one (1) calendar year to complete  the undertaking on the home to bring it up to the standards.

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