Fall Newsletter & Information Update

September 2020



The Board would like to remind residents to abide by the government placed protocols for social distancing .  We understand that this is a trying time for all, however we have received many follow up calls from the bylaw and health unit officers regarding noncompliance within our community. Please respect the protocols so that we all can stay safe and healthy.


29th Annual Meeting:

The 29th Annual Meeting of the Kenron Residents Association has been postponed until the emergency order is lifted by the Ontario Government.  Once the order is lifted, the Residents Association will have ninety days in which to conduct the Annual General Meeting. 



Just a reminder to all residents, that if you pack your blue box properly it will cut down on the litter throughout the community.  Please place the lighter items on the bottom and the heavier items on the top. 

Green Bin

Remember to use the green bin for your household compostable waste and use the locking mechanism on the lid to prevent animals from getting into them overnight. 


Large & Bulky Goods/Fall Clean Up:

This pick up is designed for residents who have large items which cannot be disposed of through regular garbage pick up ie: an old chair etc. The Bulk Pick Up week has been set for the week of October 5-8th, 2020. If it can fit in a garbage bag (vacuum, small appliance, garden hose) it must be disposed of during regular weekly pick up (with bag tag applied) and will not be picked up by the staff. Please note that compost and brush will still be picked up on Monday, October 5th.


Compost Pick Up:

Weekly compost pick up resumed Monday, April 20th, 2020 and will continue every Monday until November 2, 2020. If a statutory holiday falls on a Monday, compost will be picked up the following day.  Composting materials are grass, leaves, plant matter, and yard waste, but should  NOT include dog waste! For this year we will accept your compostable items in either biodegradable paper bags or clear bags.  Compost must be out to the curb by 8:00am.  Brush or small tree limbs up to 2.5” in diameter must be cut in 4’ lengths and tied in bundles.  Loose brush piles will not be picked up.  If you remove a tree, you must dispose of the tree/brush off site. It cannot be disposed of in the compound area. In an effort to reduce the use of plastics, the board has decided that starting in 2021, we will only be accepting biodegradable paper bags, so please use up your clear bags this season prior to the introduction of the ban on plastic.   Do not put unwanted brush in any of the common areas or other private properties, please tie it in 4’ bundles and place at the curb on Mondays for compost pick up, as we have had numerous complaints from private property owners on the East side of the park.


“Mobile Home Site lawns shall be well trimmed and maintained to a standard which is, in the opinion of the Owner, commensurate with the maintenance of Kenron Estate as a first-class residential community.  No person shall deposit grass cuttings or snow onto streets. Failure to adhere will result in the maintenance staff removing materials at the home owners expense.” Rules and Regulations Oct 24, 2019      


Kenron Recreation Association Information


The Kenron Recreation Association will be electing a new Board of Directors

 on Oct 4, 2020 at 1pm.

Support your Rec. Hall, come out and vote!



Animal Owners:

Just a brief reminder to all pet owners of the by-law which was amended at the KRA Annual Meeting held October 27, 2016, which reads “All pets must be leashed when off the home site at all times and are only permitted on the roads and common areas so as not to interfere with the rights or enjoyment of other residents of their Mobile Home Sites.  This means that the leash is not extended so that your dog can walk on neighbours lawns.  Also, we have noticed a considerable increase in dog waste that has not been picked up.  We have had to speak to several residents regarding this issue, so please ensure you clean up after your dog.  This year we have had numerous complaints about cats roaming the neighborhood, so please remember to put them on a leash or chain.  

Unwanted Pests

Just a reminder that homeowners are responsible for any costs associated with getting rid of any unwanted pest occupying their home.  The number for animal control is 613-966-4483. 


Information Changes

Please update the office whenever you change your phone number, as we need a way to contact you if there is an emergency.

 If you have changed your phone number don’t forget to also update Quinte West PRISM911 613-392-2841 ext. 4545 or PRISM911@city.quintewest.on.ca.


If you change your banking information and are on pre-authorized payments for taxes or maintenance fees please let the office know as soon as possible to prevent NSF charges.   

Don’t forget to let the office know of any other changes to your family including  pets. 


If you would like to have an emergency contact added to your file, please notify the office with the name and phone number. 

Heat Tape

Heat Tape Checks: Just a reminder to all residents to check your heat tapes to ensure that they are plugged in, working properly and have not been damaged by rodents as winter is quickly approaching.  Also, don’t forget to shut off your outside tap and drain the water to ensure that it doesn’t freeze in the winter.  If you prefer, KMT & Associates can provide this inspection and testing service to you for a nominal fee.  Please call the office at 613-394-3388 for further information.


Just a friendly reminder to all our residents to ensure windows and doors are kept locked at all times.  Also, do not allow anyone in your home that you do not know. Door to door soliciting is NOT allowed in Kenron Estates, however since we are not a gated community, we rely on residents to advise us when solicitors are in the park.  Please report any solicitors to the office immediately at 613-394-3388 or after hours at 613-848-8034.


Winter Street Parking

Just a reminder that there is no street parking at any time to ensure that the plows can get through when needed.  Offending vehicles may be subject to being towed.